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UK Coaching Participation Team
Supporting Specific Needs Organising and Planning

Understanding the Activity Inclusion Model

The Activity Inclusion Model (AIM) supports a person-centred approach to physical activity and sport ensuring a great coaching experience for everyone

Inclusive coaching offers everyone, including disabled people, the opportunity to realise their aspirations, achieve their goals and satisfy the variety of reasons that they may take part. 

The Activity Inclusion Model (AIM) (fourth generation, May 2017) has evolved from Black and Stevenson’s Inclusion Spectrum and is aligned to the World Health Organisation's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.

By using the AIM coaches can deliver activity that is appropriate to the wide variety of motivations, needs and abilities through open, modified, parallel and specific sports options, relevant to the setting and activity. 

Coaches can use the AIM flexibly in response to the changing needs of people attending sessions as well as part of a planned programme of activity or sports participation, training or competition.

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