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Understanding Transitions and Supporting Athletes Through the Process

Insight into the types of transitions that your athletes may face and advice on how to support them through transitions, developed in partnership with Assistant Coach of England boys’ U18 hockey team James Culnane. James offers advice for both coaches whose athletes are moving on and coaches bringing new athletes into their teams

We think we have it all figured out. We know exactly what each athlete needs because we have been there and done it. Well, the reality is, it’s much more complex than we think and as coaches, we must appreciate that everyone is different. What works for one developing athlete may not work for another. Sometimes the transition process just doesn’t feel right. How can we support them in those moments?

As part of the athlete support network, the coach can be instrumental in helping athletes through changes in their situations that we term as transitions. It is important we understand that our interactions during those transitions must put the athlete’s best interests first. We must put the ego aside and really consider what the athlete needs in those pivotal moments. 

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