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Improving Physical Ability

Using Donor Sports to Support Athletic Development

Insight into how the Athletic Skills Model can be useful in understanding skill acquisition and talent development, developed with Ben Strafford

As a coach-informed model of skill acquisition and talent development, the Athletic Skills Model shows that engagement with ‘multi-sport’ experiences can support the development of five performance components: agility; endurance; flexibility; power and stability.

The Athletic Skills Model organises perception and action into seven distinct abilities:

  1. Adaptability.
  2. Coupling ability.
  3. Ability to react.
  4. Rhythmic ability.
  5. Balance ability.
  6. Spatial orientation ability.
  7. Kinetic differential ability.    

Holistically, these performance components and related abilities are not only important for the development of skilful behaviours in talented athletes. They’re also crucial in sport participation at a recreational level and in lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.

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