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What a Dilemma! How to Pick Issues Worth Reflecting On

First in a two-part series introducing the concept of a ‘reflective conversation,’ a six-component model proposed by Gilbert and Trudel. This resource focuses on the first two components of the model, which deal with deciding what to reflect on

Reflecting is not always as simple as it sounds. Coaches can invest a lot of thought into reflecting without always producing action to improve their coaching practice. 

A ‘reflective conversation’ is a six-component model proposed by Gilbert and Trudel (2001). It can be used to identify worthwhile topics of reflection and help you adopt a reflective process to try out new ideas. 

Gilbert and Trudel’s (2001) model of reflection:

  1. Coaching issues
  2. Role frame
  3. Problem setting
  4. Strategy generation
  5. Experimentation
  6. Evaluation

In this resource, we will explore how to go about picking the issues you think are worth reflecting on and that fit your view of the world or 'role frame.'

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