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Understanding Momentum in Competition and Matches

Register / Login to Access. Alistair Higham is an expert in match flow, momentum and turning points, and has worked across sports at professional and international level including football, tennis, and badminton. In this guide, he explains how to design and develop practice sessions that replicate the game and challenge your participants

Once you become better aware of momentum, you’ll realise that it’s all around us.


  • is at the heart of the changes that affect the flow of a match
  • is a powerful force, and when it surges, can have a significant impact on the final result
  • can be sensed when competing or spectating, such as when feeling things going for you (or against you), or the participants you are watching.

Top players are always aware of its potential effect on a match; it can be the ‘fuel injection’ that changes the pace and sometimes the direction of the flow of the match.

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