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Coach Developer

A Journey as a Coach Developer

Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching at Leeds Beckett University Dr Bob Muir shares his journey as a Coach Developer and his research in the field

This podcast explores how to support coaches learning through their experiences and introduces a framework for coaches and coach developers to use as a tool to explore coaching effectiveness.

The discussion delves into the areas the coach and coach developer might consider when planning and reflecting on coaching practice:

  • Learning objectives.
  • Athlete engagement.
  • Training activity.
  • Coaching behaviours.

The discussion also covers how these areas and coaching practice are located within a journey and brings attention to the significance of coherence between coach intentions and behaviours.

The framework is a tool to support coach developers to plan and prepare for coaching observations.

Bob considers the skill and process of noticing for the coach developer during a coaching observation, reflecting on the experiences and privileges that a coach developer arrives with, and turns to when observing a coach.

The framework provides a useful check and challenge for the coach developer to focus on the coach rather than their own set of ideas.


  • What has shaped your ideas about effective coaching practice?
  • What do you attend to when observing a coach in their environment?


Key messages:

  • Seek to explore the coach’s goals and intentions.
  • Identify areas of interest to explore together.
  • Work with the coach to notice their actions and behaviours in relation to their goals.


How do you help the coach to create new ways of thinking and doing?


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