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Organising and Planning

An Introduction to Representative Learning Design

UK Coaching Senior Coach Developer Marianne Davies spoke with Cal Jones about representative learning design and how it can help us to design, structure and adapt our practice sessions to support skill acquisition

Cal Jones is a judo coach based in North Wales. He recently completed his master’s thesis looking at Representative Learning Design in judo, including developing a tool to help coaches identify how representative their practice design is.

Representative learning design has been shown to increase the retention and transfer of what has been practiced.

Cal gives us some examples of what this might look like in practice using examples to illustrate the two main parts of representativeness.

  1. What the participant is interacting with (other people, environment) – Functionality.
  2. Are the techniques and decision-making the same as seen in practice – Action Fidelity.

Understanding Representative Learning Design

The basic principles of RLD and how you can start applying them, along with a design tool to help you put your learning into practice, developed with Cal Jones


Nailing the Plan-Do-Review Process Always Starts with the Plan

In the first of a three-part series, coaches Danny Newcombe and Chris Chapman explore the importance of planning within the coaching process


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