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Coach Communication in Boxing – Round 6: Taking a Broader Look

England Boxing Talent Pathway Lead Development Coach Amanda Coulson, Pathway Coach Chris Lodge and UK Coaching's Coach Pathway & Programme Manager Alan Rapley discuss the 'Coach Communication' research project, which is applicable to combat sports and sports with time outs and breaks between rounds or games

In this podcast, England Boxing Talent Pathway Lead Development Coach Amanda Coulson, Pathway Coach Chris Lodge and UK Coaching's Coach Pathway & Programme Manager Alan Rapley consider the impact of the project on their self-awareness as coaches, the impact on boxers and possible implications for coaches working in any sport who are curious about reflecting on their communication in competition.


The research project investigated the way that coaches spoke to boxers in-between rounds during competition. The research considered verbal communication and body language in the stages before, during and after competition.

The key themes that came out of the conversation were:

  1. Chris and Amanda, who took part in the research project, noticed an increase in self-awareness. Coaches became very conscious of their coaching behaviours and approach and recognised some of the language they were using most frequently, as well as how this changed in the build-up to competition.
  2. Through the research, the coaches felt that the boxers that they were coaching were able to approach competition in a more positive state of mind. The coaches were able to re-frame feedback, selecting positive words.
  3. There are opportunities for coaches from any sports to reflect on their communication with athletes before, during and after competition. Coaches could examine the words they use most frequently when they intervene and the perceived impact.

Interested in starting from the beginning?

The first resource in this series, Coach Communication in Boxing: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble, explores the research underpinning the infographic.

It includes a downloadable booklet containing practical strategies to maximise the impact of your communication.

Who is this research useful for?

This research was undertaken with and intended for boxing coaches, but a lot of the information and ideas are applicable to many coaches, working at multiple levels of performance and development pathways. It is especially relevant where the sport allows natural short breaks in play, creating opportunities for coach-athlete interaction.

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