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Marianne Davies
Coach Developer

Coach Developer Conservations (S2) (EP 3) Lucy Moore - Where are all the female coaches?

UK Coaching’s Marianne Davies talks to Lucy Moore (Sport England) about the complexity of attempting to understand why there is a lack of female coaches, coach educators and coach developers in most sporting workforces

In this podcast, Marianne and Lucy discuss how a lack of female representation in the coaching workforce should be viewed as a ‘red flag’. What is happening in the wider coaching eco-system? Who else is missing? The conversation starts by framing some elements of the current situation as a reflection on both Lucy’s ConnectedCoaches blog - Where are all the female coaches? - and the conversations that have happened since it has been published. These include discussions on the UK Coaching Coach Developer Conversation webinars.

This podcast extends the conversations and highlights the need to be curious, listen, engage with other ideas and perspectives, investigate your own environment, and be creative with solutions.

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Marianne Davies