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The Importance of Coach Self-Care

Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University and host of the Eighty Percent Mental podcast Dr Peter Olusoga talks to Tom Hartley about the importance of coach self-care

Key themes

What is self-care:

  • Understanding stressors and the management of them.

Exploring what it means for coaches to be well:

  • Understanding coaches are performers too.

Appreciating the effects of stress on others:

  • Athletes tend to know when coaches are stressed.
  • The impact on the wider coaching team.
  • Understanding the differences in responses between individuals.

What stress is and how it works: the see-saw analogy (covered in the First Aid Kit below).

What are your stressors/triggers?

  • What can we notice?
  • What is different to normal?
  • How can we increase self-awareness and support reflection?

Access the First Aid Kit to help you make further sense of Dr Olusoga's three central themes and consider how you might apply them.

  1. Self-awareness.
  2. Self-compassion.
  3. Vulnerability.

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