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Andy Bradshaw
Coach Developer

Coach Developer Conversations (EP 6): Jurg Gotz - An Insight into a Performance Coach Developer

Performance Coach Developer with British Rowing and British Triathlon Jurg Gotz discusses his route into coach developing, transitioning from an athlete to coach in canoe slalom – and explores how he connects coaches together and works day-to-day.

How does a Performance Coach Developer work? What’s their day-to-day role when the coaches they’re helping develop are in such a demanding and high-profile role? Jurg explains the value of meeting the coach on their terms, in their natural setting. He may not be able to tell them something new, but in listening and getting them to think and talk through answers to simple questions, they learn something new themselves. Jurg explores the value of that on-the-job learning, rather than the more traditional, certificated, CPD. How does coaching coaches compare with coaching athletes?

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Andy Bradshaw