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Growing and Utilising Your Network

Most coaches have a network of people they trust and can call upon. The UK Coaching team explore ideas for growing your network

Most coaches have a network of people they trust and can call upon for advice, help and guidance. However, most of us don't harness it to maximum effect or plan the growth of it deliberately.

In this podcast, the UK Coaching team explore ways to grow your network and to utilise it to:

  • stay on top of the latest trends
  • meet mentors
  • meet fellow coaches
  • gain access to the resources that will support your development.

At [20:22] in the podcast, Andy explains his network constellation.

Have a go

Network mapping is a great way of creating a visual representation of your network.

Map out your current network and think about:

  • Who are they?
  • Who is in your immediate coaching network?
  • What support can they provide you with?
  • Who introduced you?
  • Who have you introduced them to?



How strong are your networks?

How diverse is your network?

What information do you exchange with them or what type of support do they provide- it is technical or personal support?

Who is missing and where are the gaps?

Which connections do you need to bring closer or strengthen?

What could you do or what support might you need to make them stronger?

Which connections are not reciprocal?


*This recording was originally part of the Curious Coaches Club series, recorded in 2020.

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