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Coach Developer

My Journey Through Coaching and Coach Development

In this podcast, UK Coaching’s Tom Hartley speaks to Richard Cheetham MBE (Coach Developer of the Year, 2018) about his journey through coaching and coach development

Key themes

  1. Validation and vulnerability in your practice. Richard explores transitioning from player to coach and feeling the need for validation from the group he coached. He reflects that validation occurs by the difference you make and through creating safe and enjoyable environments, not necessarily just your CV. The ability to be vulnerable, try new ideas and not being afraid of making mistakes is also crucial.
  2. The importance of reciprocal feedback: the 'ouch' moments. "Simple non complicated questioning…so they (the coach) own their learning."
  3. Multiple roles in coach development [28 mins]. Richard discusses "not silo-ing a particular role," and how he uses multiple roles to support coaches.
  4. Reflective perspective: how not to lose perspective. "Learning isn’t linear, be mindful of the learning journey, the smallest shifts (in a coaches’ learning) are the most important....celebrate them'."

Questions to consider:

  • How would you create a safe and enjoyable environment?
  • What new ideas will you try in your next session?
  • How could you support coaches to be more effective at reflective practice? 
  • Could you create an environment where sharing experiences helps encourage positive perspectives?

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