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Principles of Great Coaching: Positive

In this episode of the Great Coaching podcast series, hockey coach and UK Coaching Ambassador Wendy Russell explains why creating a positive environment is a crucial aspect of the learning experience and paramount to great coaching

In this episode of the Great Coaching podcast series, hockey coach and UK Coaching Ambassador Wendy Russell shares her:

  • experience of creating a positive coaching environment
  • perspective on why a positive environment facilitates learning.

A coach with Brighton and Hove Hockey Club, Wendy revolutionised the way deaf and hard of hearing people take part in sport by developing a hockey-specific sign language. In 2017, she won the BBC's Unsung Hero award for South West in recognition of her work.

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Great Coaching Podcast Series

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Further Learning

Gain the confidence to include people with hearing impairments in your sessions by attending our interactive workshop, 'Effective Communication: Coaching Deaf People in Sport'

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