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Reflective Practice Conversations: Making your Reflections on your Coaching Sessions Meaningful

In the podcast series, Professor Brendan Cropley and Chris Chapman explore what reflective practice is and how a coach can use reflections more effectively to improve their coaching performance

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Efficacy

  • Confidence

  • Creativity

  • Solve problems

  • ‘Transform learning into better practice’

This podcast explores the important areas to focus on when we reflect, and the important questions we need to ask ourselves.

Join Brendan and Chris as they examine in depth the areas we need to consider to maximise our reflections – bringing the focus back to the coach and their behaviours, far beyond the ‘measurements’ of session structure, timings and activities.



Key Messages

‘What did you do as the coach to contribute to the success or failure to achieve the intended learning outcomes?’

‘Is it really reflective practice or a performance evaluation?’

‘Always pull back the reflection to your behaviours… what did you do to effect and influence the session?’


Q. What were the outcomes of the session?
Q. Where those outcomes met?
Q. What did you do to contribute to achieving the outcomes?



Reflect on what is important to you…

Why did you select the learning outcomes for the session?
Why did you select the activities that you did?


Chris shares an example from his time with England Women Rugby League when the Interdisciplinary Team spent time over a number of sessions exploring and reflecting upon the starts of the sessions/gatherings with the players.

Consider when it started well? Why? What occurred? Who was involved? Structure?

Level of energy, connection with players and engagement and sharing the purpose…

What was a success?
What contributed to the success?
What do you need to keep doing to keep creating future successes?
What one thing can you do amplify and increase this success?
Focus on the how you will achieve this. Always have an action from a reflection.

Keep doing

Tool to consider within your session

Don’t try and reflect on the whole session

  • Consider key moments
  • Purposeful and meaningful

Get beneath the surface

  • Look for the evidence to why this will make a difference!

Ask yourself questions in a positively framed way.

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