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Reflective Practice Conversations: Using Reflective Practice to Review Conflict

In the podcast series, Professor Brendan Cropley and Chris Chapman explore what reflective practice is and how a coach can use reflections more effectively to improve their coaching performance

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Efficacy

  • Confidence

  • Creativity

  • Solve problems

  • ‘Transform learning into better practice’

Working with people can lead to conflict. As a coach this may be with a participant, parent or member of the coaching team. With the increase in sports science and medicine support in many sports we, have also seen an increase in the number of disagreements, different views and increased conflict within Inter Disciplinary Teams (IDTs).

Managing micro-politics

Hot v Cold Reflections

Dual Stage Process

Hot: Notice and capture the emotions you are feeling, why you feel the emotions surfaced and how you behaved and reacted because of this.

Time lapse: But not so much that you forget about the situation.

Cold: Reflect on your notes and recall the emotions and feelings that you felt at that particular time before.  Now revisit you thoughts and the situation with the distance and consider again in a more meaningful and purposeful manner.

Helicopter View

1st Person
2nd Person
3rd Person

Making sense and understanding why the conflict arose.

The use of reflective sessions to prepare for a restorative session.

Use of others to help you make sense of a conflict or situation that occurred.

Arc of distortion

‘Lessons learned can’t always be the answer for future issues, but they can influence how I act and react in the future.’

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