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Organising and Planning Self-care and development

Reflective Practice Conversations: Using Reflective Practice to Consider Alignment in your Sessions

In the podcast series, Professor Brendan Cropley and Chris Chapman explore what reflective practice is and how a coach can use reflections more effectively to improve their coaching performance

  • Self-Awareness

  • Self-Efficacy

  • Confidence

  • Creativity

  • Solve problems

  • ‘Transform learning into better practice’

In this short podcast, Chris Chapman and Brendan Cropley explore:

  • the importance of alignment with your values, behaviours and coaching practice
  • the need to get into a groove and create a positive habit of reflecting regularly, with focus, to ensure your reflections are meaningful
  • building layers and developing your practice over time; to support our learning as coaches.

Key messages

‘A lot of coaches try and solve too many problems within a particular coaching session and take their eyes of trying to achieve something that is realistic within one session.’

‘We have to be flexible, adaptable and agile to change in a particular situation; in different moments in time, we need to achieve different things.’

‘If we try to reflect on everything, our reflections become cumbersome, and prolonged. Over a period of time you might learn something that will help you improve your practice moving forward, but you will be better served to really focus in on something that you think is important at that particular time.’

‘Reflection is really the start of planning… the outcomes of your reflections and the content of your next sessions.’

‘Reflection starts and stops with: what is your contribution to the outcome?’


‘Goal-setting at the end of your reflections; give yourself something "tangible" that you can do at the end.’


Consider the focus on the session…

Development or Delivering a Performance
Explore – Execute – Exploit
Discover – Develop – Deliver



Strength Based…

What are my strengths?
When do these happen?
Why do these happen?
How can I extend these?


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