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Craig Blain

The Creative Use of Space

How can we use or look at spaces more creatively to increase the opportunities to become physically active? That is the question explored by Craig Blain, Development Lead Officer for Physical Activity at UK Coaching, in this podcast on the creative use of space.

Featuring an expert panel from across the sport and physical activity landscape - Born Barikor, Founder of Our Parks, Catherine Eaton Brown, Participation Manager at Warwick Sport (University of Warwick), Naseem Akthar, Project Manager at Saheli Hub and Rus Smith, Coach Developer at Street Games - this roundtable discussion looked at why coaching structure within a space makes participants feel like they've 'arrived' at a session and how the quality of a coach can turn a part-time participant into a fully committed member, no matter what space they're using to host their session.

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Craig Blain