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UK Coaching Research Team
Applied Research Journal

The Journey From Predetermined Pathways to a Landscape of Learning

Article by Kim Hide on changes in the FA's approach to coach learning and development, as featured in Volume 8 of the Applied Research Journal

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In this article, I describe how relevant experiences and insight arising from the global pandemic have accelerated the changes in our approach to coach learning and development at the FA. In what follows, I detail how our approach is shifting from predetermined learning pathways towards a landscape of learning opportunities. From here, I explore several nuanced implications and position these within the complexity of the coach learning landscape.

What is learning?

As individuals who are responsible for learning design and the support and development of coaches, we must recognise that we do not own the learning process. Learning is an internal and individual process, it is not our as designers, developers or facilitators.

Our role is in the creation of the experiences, resources and environments that help learning happen. We 'grease the wheels,' so to speak. Learning can happen without us, our challenge is to help make the journey more impactful, more durable and hopefully more enjoyable along the way.

It is useful to work from a definition of what learning is. Didau and Rose (p14, 2016) define learning as 'The retention and transfer of knowledge and skills'. The authors simplify this further, considering learning as 'a change in the way we see and understand the world.'

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