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UK Coaching Research Team
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Social Value of Developing Coaches

Research report helping to understand the true value of developing coaches with the capability to deliver high quality coaching sessions

UK Coaching (formerly known as Sports Coach UK) and StreetGames worked collaboratively on an evaluative Social Return on Investment (SROI) project between 2014-2016.  

The study shares the findings from a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis and is based on the findings from five young leaders in Tyneside who undertook the Level 2 Doorstep Sport Coaching qualification and went on to deliver high quality coaching sessions in their local community.

The full report, includes an introduction to SROI, a full glossary of SROI terminology and the rationale for all decisions taken in the research. It also includes confirmation that the full report has received report assurance from Social Value UK, the national network for social value and social impact.

Download the full and summary reports below.

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