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UK Coaching Research Team

The State of the Nation: Fact Sheets on Physical Activity

Five fact sheets summarising key data on priority areas, highlighting the role that physical activity plays in the lives of a variety of people

The State of the Nation factsheets provide summaries of key insight into five priority areas, drawn from several sources.

They highlight key recommendations relating to activity for different groups of people and levels of activity reached. They also note what factors may positively influence the activity levels of those groups, including the impact that a coach can have. 

The factsheets can be downloaded below. 

Decreasing Inactivity

State of the Nation: A Spotlight on Decreasing Inactivity


Increasing Activity

State of the Nation: A Spotlight on Increasing Activity


Children and Young People

State of the Nation: A Spotlight on Children and Young People


Low Socioeconomic Groups

State of the Nation: A Spotlight on Low Socioeconomic Groups 



State of the Nation: A Spotlight on Women


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