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Great Britain Hot-Shot Targeting Greater Inclusivity and Equality

Georgina Roberts has been blasting through barriers in a bid to empower other women shooters to hit the bullseye. Motivated by passion for the sport and a desire to get more women into coaching, she hasn’t once hesitated to put herself forward in a sport historically viewed as male-dominated. UK Coaching’s Jack Kelly caught up with her to learn more about the woman behind the barrel

At just 17, Georgina represented Great Britain at Olympic Trap Shooting. In 2019, she received the prestigious Women of the Future award. She is also an ambassador for multiple charities. Now, with Paris 2024 hovering like a target in her vision, it's easy to see why she is a role model for future generations.

Of changing the narrative around coaching, Georgina says:

We need to do more to empower women. We should believe in them and support their journey into sport and coaching. If we send out that message, we can break down barriers and encourage women to chase their goals, rather than seeking permission or waiting for someone to ask.”

Shooting has been a mainstay in the Olympic Games since 1896 and was an exclusively male sport until the 1968 Mexico Games, when women were first allowed to compete. However, the stereotype that shooting is the preserve of men remains.

Georgina believes it’s not the environment, but the narrative being told by the media that is stunting the popularity of shooting amongst women.

One of the most important things we can do is educate and inform people who aren’t involved in the sport. Shooting is a sport for everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from.”

For Georgina, this involves raising the profile of shooting so that more women feel empowered to get involved.

“There are many successful female shooters whose achievements aren’t celebrated like those in athletics, swimming and cycling. We need to do more to champion our athletes and coaches in order to inspire the next generation. Shooting is an Olympic sport, and we need to start treating it as one.”

The many benefits of becoming a coach

Georgina first began coaching when her mentor suggested it might help her improve her performance as an athlete. It has proven to be a vital gateway to the development of key skills.

“Becoming a coach has increased my ability to communicate effectively and concisely. It has also developed my understanding of the technical side of shooting.

All of this has helped me build stronger relationships with my coaches. And this new understanding has helped my performances go from strength to strength.”

The technical aspect of coaching is what drew Georgina into the profession. A new love emerged later when she realised that, through her coaching, she could open the door to a future generation of female shooters.

It’s been so rewarding from a personal perspective. I’m still competing so I get the best of both worlds. I have loved helping those who are starting their careers and hobbies – it’s a great way to show girls that if I can achieve it, then so can they.”

Georgina believes that great coaching is only possible within inclusive and welcoming environments. As a young woman who coaches all ages and genders, she hopes that people will be inspired by her journey and achievements and looks forward to a future in which the sport she loves is recognised as welcoming for all.

“I’m fortunate to be respected and given opportunities in the shooting community. Ninety per cent of my athletes and clients are men, but as a female who is coaching, I hope this will increase the level of participation of women. One day, I want to coach a more balanced demographic.”

The future of coaching

Georgina’s success is an inspiration to all young girls and women who may be hesitant to consider a career in coaching due to the lack of representation. Working in an industry that is still moving towards recruiting a more diverse workforce, Georgina recognises that change needs to come from the top down.

“There’s so much more to be done, across the board, concerning equality and diversity in coaching. Having a diverse workforce from top to bottom is so important. It must be taken seriously rather than a token gesture – which unfortunately is still the case in many places.”

Georgina also urges more women and girls to put themselves forward and let themselves be driven by their passion.

I encourage everyone to grasp opportunities where you can and when you can’t, make your own – be that trailblazer.

“It’s important to be a leader rather than a follower, and you need to have a real passion for what you are doing. I find it more empowering to lead when I am focused on the bigger picture, as it helps me find solutions that others cannot see.”

Being a role model

Georgina is humble about the impact of her success on others.

“I didn’t ever see myself as a role model. I do what I do. I like to stay in my lane and focus on what I want to achieve. But I’m very fortunate that people do see me as an inspiration, and that encourages me to work harder on making sport bigger and better for everyone.

It makes me want to be my absolute best at all times because you never know who is watching. I want girls to see my actions and I want them to be inspired.”

Coaches like Georgina don’t just support the development of skills and capabilities: they can change lives. By changing the narrative around shooting and making sure that more women and girls have the opportunities they need to get into coaching, we can ensure that they can continue to do great work into the future.

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