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Combining Meditation with Movement: The Rise of ‘Mindfulness’ Classes

More health and fitness clubs are starting to offer mindfulness classes. We speak to yoga teacher John Earls about this rising phenomenon. In John’s classes, traditional mindfulness meditation is combined with movement-based exercises

Yoga teacher John Earls is studying a Master’s degree in the Psychology of Mindfulness. His approach has been implemented across a number of health club chains in Warwickshire.

These classes include traditional mindfulness meditation – such as remaining still and concentrating on breathing – that aims to develop concentration.

However, they combine this with exercises such as Yoga and Pilates and group activities involving touch and trust.

John explains that this has been done deliberately, to attract more people.

This combination of features makes the classes varied, with the aim being to appeal to the various personalities that would not ordinarily be drawn to mindfulness practice; like those people who prefer to move rather than to be still.”

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