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Creative Sessions Can Win Over Young People

Fighting the battle against digital competition can be frustrating, but Carrie Dunn meets one award-winning coach who’s been taking on the challenge – and winning

Coach Sasha Moore took on her video game rivals when she noticed that attendance at her sessions was not as high as she would like, and her success shows the power of a creative approach to this modern problem.

It can be tough to engage young people. It can be even tougher to encourage them to change their habits – particularly when it comes to sport and exercise, and they tell you they’d rather be in front of a screen playing their favourite video games.

She looked at the activities she was offering and embedded a popular game into the programme to make it more enticing to the tech-savvy youngsters.

I thought, ‘They’re not coming out, they’re playing on Fortnite – what can I do?’

So she created an orienteering activity using Fortnite – a video game smash that can include collaboration, map-reading and resource-gathering – and it proved a massive hit.

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