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GB Hockey: Transforming Coaching through Learning

The UK Coaching Transforming Coaching Award is one of the most fascinating to dig into. The 2019 winners, GB Hockey, tell Carrie Dunn what it's done to evolve coaching practice in their sport

GB Hockey had declared it their mission to unleash the power of coaching – and they have done this by constantly rethinking and revamping the support they offer coaches.

Looking for ideas to jazz up your coaching session? Pick a card, any card.

Actually no, not just any card. Take a tip from GB Hockey, whose PEG Cards are one of the most thought-provoking innovations on the coaching scene.

PEG Cards – standing for ‘Player, Environment, Game’ – are intended to inspire coaches even further, sparking their imaginations through suggested activities and aims.

Essentially they’re used to try and help people think about how they can create the best [coaching] environments, says Stuart Guise, GB Hockey’s Head of Coaching.

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