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Haj Bhania: Coaching Great Britain's Wheelchair Basketball Team to the Top

Head Coach of Great Britain senior men's basketball team Haj Bhania talks wheelchair basketball with Richard Jones. One of Haj's main focuses is to maintain momentum between competitions

In August 2018, chants of 'basketball's coming home' rang around Hamburg's Edel-optics.de Arena as Great Britain's men's wheelchair basketball team sealed the nation's first World Championship with a famous 79–62 over the six-time Paralympic champions USA, a side who had already defeated them in the group stages.

On the sidelines: a reserved and humble man who had plotted the famous win and has been a key figure in the emergence of Great Britain as a wheelchair basketball force.

Head Coach of Great Britain's senior men's basketball team Haj Bhania has an understandably piecemeal memory of that historic success in Germany: "It's a bit blurred to be honest. Going into the last quarter, we were great. I remember going into the changing rooms and getting drenched by the boys."

And then?

Back to business, Haj says.

We celebrated a bit – we'd made history – but then we did the debrief and moved on."

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