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Improving Physical Ability

Indoor Cycling Classes: Encouraging More People to Give Cycling a Go

Action PR's Samantha Harris delves into the background of indoor cycling, which has become the most popular group workout in the UK. Key to its success: the instructor's expertise and technological innovation

For years, as the weather turned and daylight hours disappeared, all but the hardiest cyclists put their bikes into hibernation. But these days, there’s a convenient and enjoyable alternative to braving the elements – indoor cycling.

When the weather turns nasty and the UK faces the possibility of flash floods, snow and ice, cycling will remain one of the most common forms of exercise.

This is due to the rise of indoor cycling technology

Increasingly, indoor cycling offers a range of enticing opportunities, meaning that individuals are no longer limited to a standard cycling commute or an indoor spin class. 

They can now engage with:

  • immersive sensory experiences
  • innovative instructor-led classes
  • advanced equipment with visible metrics to target specific training zones. 

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