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Improving Physical Ability

Physios and PTs: A Winning Combination

What happens when fitness professionals work together to help their clients succeed in their endeavours? Ian Slattery runs, swims and writes about how physios and PTs can help their clients and boost their own client base

As I dragged my body out of the ocean for the final time, three hours after it’d first hit the cold water, I confess to not giving much thought as to how I’d got there. By the time the sea salt had turned my fingers into dried fruits, as I lay slumped over a rock on the northern shore of Hugh Town, nominal capital of the Isles of Scilly, I did have the time to reflect on who was to blame for my location and physical state. 

As is often the case with ‘extreme’ events, the idea of taking part in ÖTILLÖ, an endurance event which throws competitors into running, then swimming, and back again – repeatedly – remained just a notion until, with a couple of months to go, reality dawned. 

Like most people, my thoughts turned to self-preservation. Which meant the expert aid of fitness professionals. 

I turned first to Alison Rose, a hugely experienced sports physio and Director at CSPC Physiotherapy in Leeds. 

Before setting my body to rights, we spoke about how fitness coaches should best approach clients who are working towards an event. 

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