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Rod Ellingworth: The Pro Cycling Performance Manager

Mark Cavendish describes Rod Ellingworth as “the best coach in the world.” Then Team Sky’s performance manager, Ellingworth has since become team principal at Bahrain-Merida. Matt Majendie finds out more

British Cycling has enjoyed remarkable success in recent years, with many coaches from other sports keen to learn from their example. Rod Ellingworth, a key piece of the jigsaw that coached Mark Cavendish to success, is equally keen to learn from other sports.

Mark Cavendish has always been one to carefully select his words. The fastest man on two wheels has never been prone to unwarranted praise, so his repeated description of Rod Ellingworth as “the best coach in the world” carries a certain amount of kudos.

Ellingworth first laid eyes on Cavendish some 12 years ago. Their working relationship finally reached fruition with that famous world title on the streets of Copenhagen in 2011.

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