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Sohail Rehman: the UK’s First Wheelchair-using Football Coach

Football coach Sohail Redman has earned plaudits from those at the very top of the game. Caroline Roberts met with Sohail to discuss his coaching journey, and the barriers that he has faced as a wheelchair user in football

Until the age of 13, Sohail Rehman was no different to any other football-playing kid. Then, when he was told he’d need to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life, coaching became his passion.

Despite having spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease causing muscle weakness and progressive loss of movement, Sohail was able to play the game he loved throughout his childhood.

“I was never treated any differently to anyone else, and my main goal in life was to go all the way in football,” Sohail explains.

But that dream was shattered just as he entered his teens, when he was told that he would need to use a wheelchair within two years. “It was like a kick in the teeth.

It wasn’t even that I wanted to be like those great players I saw on TV; it’s that the opportunity to even copy them was taken away me.”

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