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The Big Interview: A Conversation on #GreatCoaching with Mel Marshall – Part 2

In the second instalment of Blake Richardson’s interview with Great Britain swimming coach Mel Marshall, she discusses her leadership style, how to push athletes out of their comfort zone without compromising on their welfare and calls for greater support and protection for coaches

Since transitioning into coaching following her retirement from swimming, Mel Marshall’s motivation has been to support others to reach their full potential in the sport – showing the same hunger to succeed in her new role as she did in her previous life as a seasoned British international.

“I get to live my dream every day; my athletes are a true privilege,” she told host Claire Baldwin on collecting her Lifetime Achievement Award at the BT Sport Action Woman Awards 2019.

Unquestionably, she has helped hundreds of swimmers live their dreams too, thanks to the personal values and guiding principles she holds so dear and which underpin her coaching practice – and which was a principal theme of the first article.

Creating an inspiring working environment that allows everyone to perform at their best, whatever their level of ability – built upon mutual respect, common purpose and enjoyment of the sport – comes with its challenges, of course.

Below, Mel explores some of the valuable lessons she has learnt on her journey which have helped her overcome these challenges and emerge as a guiding light for the next generation of young dreamers. These include a young boy aged 12 by the name of Adam Peaty who, under her care, tutelage and direction, has risen to become an Olympic, World and European gold medallist and world record-holder.

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