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The Mindful Coach – Attaining A Higher Vibration

Sheffield’s Dave Hembrough tells UK Coaching’s Press Officer Jake Wright why including the practice of mindfulness into his weightlifting sessions has helped him and his participants find inner peace

There’s no doubt about it, mental well-being has become a ‘topic de jour’ of the 21st century – as prevalent as climate change. Unshackled from the chains of taboo, people across the world are opening up about what’s going on in their loaf of bread; bean; block; dome; noggin; noodle; nut, using social media platforms and the old mediums of print, radio and television to share their insight, problems and, critically, solutions.

But this seemingly seminal moment of people’s willingness to admit and seek help for their mental health problems is still overshadowed by the statistics that swirl around the subject.  

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UK Coaching Marketing and Communications Team