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Wheelchair Basketball Changed Her Life, Now Anna is Changing the Lives of Others

Anna Jackson, UK Coaching Disability Coach of the Year 2017, tells Jake Wright why her rollercoaster of a journey includes lessons that everyone can learn from

The better coaches are the ones who see coaching as a whole package,” says former British wheelchair basketball player Anna Jackson. “It’s not just about the sport on the court or the pitch; it’s about bigger things."

The 45 year old knows only too well what those “bigger things” can entail. From playing and coaching hockey; to disabling leg injuries; to experiencing depression; to falling in love with wheelchair basketball; to playing for Great Britain; to becoming Head Coach of Cheshire Phoenix Wheelchair Basketball Club, Anna’s sporting journey has been quite the rollercoaster.  

A passion for coaching and playing hockey had been developed at secondary school, but knee problems, which started as a teenager, brought everything to a halt. Extensive cartilage damage meant several surgeries, and although Anna’s right leg recovered, her left didn’t fare so well. Constant pain and muscle malfunction meant she was unable to stand or run for any length of time.

“I couldn’t coach and I couldn’t play as well as I wanted to, I was kind of like: ‘oh well, that’s it for me and sport’.” But then she discovered wheelchair basketball and within six months was called up to compete for Great Britain.

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