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When Injury Strikes: The PT's Situation

When Pro-Fit PT and strength and conditioning specialist Alex Lenkowski broke his ankle, he didn't have insurance. That meant he faced six weeks of no income. Olympic sprinter-turned PT Emily Freeman speaks to Alex about his experiences and what PTs can do to prepare for the worst

Most personal trainers are self-employed and solely responsible for all aspects of their business. While this gives us the ability to make key decisions independently, having no one else on board can create a problem if we get injured.

One major aspect of maintaining a successful personal training business is income generation. However, it can be difficult to establish this, and without a steady and predictable income it’s common to feel as if you’re not financially secure.

In turn, this can make larger financial commitments, like a mortgage or even taking a holiday, difficult to plan effectively as well as achieve.

However, there are ways to create a cash flow that is both consistent and secure.

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