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How to Induct a Coach Into your School

Induction checklist template you can adapt for your own use

Even though coaches are likely to be in your school for just a few hours each week, it is essential that each coach has a proper induction to the school, just like any other member of staff.

This will help them understand the school’s needs, support the development of good relationships all round and enable your school to support the coach better.

An effective induction into your school will include the following:

  • an opportunity to meet key people
  • an introduction to the ethos of the school
  • provision of relevant policies and procedures
  • logistics (tours of facilities etc)
  • work programme
  • training needs and development opportunities
  • co-coaching/co-teaching/buddying systems where required.

A Practical Guide to Coaches Working in the Curriculum

afPE has developed this CD-ROM, endorsed by UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK), which contains supporting information to help you effectively recruit and induct coaches into your school.

The guide is specifically designed for head teachers to ensure a coach is fully prepared for their role within a school, appropriately supported to carry out their role, and fully welcomed into the school community.

Purchase a copy of the guide

Coaching in Primary Schools Toolkit

This resource is part of a series aimed at primary schools in the UK developed by a range of national organisations.

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