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UK Coaching and Schools Toolkit Partners

Recruiting Coaches into Schools

Draft templates to help schools with every step of the coach recruitment process

Job Description

Sets out the expectations of the coaching role, outlining specific responsibilities and tasks


Person Specification

Outlines the ‘essential’ and ‘desirable’ knowledge, skills and attributes the coach needs for the role


Application Form

Helps to assess a coach’s suitability for a post, allowing an employee to shortlist who they want to interview for the role


Shortlisting Form Matrix

Your written record of how the decision was reached on whether to invite a coach to interview or not


Interview Questions

Should be tailored according to the role you are recruiting for, but we have provided some as an example


Coach Observation Form

Generic form that can be used to score a coach’s ability against a coaching task


Reference Request Form

Template should you wish to obtain coaching-specific references


UK Coaching was formerly known as Sports Coach UK. We changed our name after expanding our support as an organisation. We’re now taking it wider than traditional sports because great coaching goes much, much further.

Coaching in Primary Schools Toolkit

This resource is part of a series aimed at primary schools in the UK developed by a range of national organisations.

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UK Coaching and Schools Toolkit Partners