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Young people Safety and Welfare

App-y Days! But Remember to Observe the Coach Code of Conduct

Quick guide to how to communicate safely and appropriately with your participants on social media

  1. Be clear about your club, governing body or organisation’s guidance about social media use.
  2. Know why you are using the app and what clear benefit it gives the people you coach (so that you are person-centred with interactions).
  3. Keep all social media interactions visible to the whole group.


  1. Make sure that there are clear expectations of behaviours appropriate for the app.
  2. Plan some time to have ‘app free’ time. For some people the continuous alerts and notifications can contribute to never switching off or having down time and therefore negatively impact on well-being. 
  3. Use a medium that your players are already familiar with. New software and apps might look good but it’s no use if your players won’t engage with them.
  4. Be aware of legal responsibilities including GDPR and child protection issues.

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