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Behaviour Change: Connecting with Others

Social connections can improve physical health and psychological well-being and learning ways to help people connect with each other is therefore an important strategy in supporting behaviour change

Positive social interactions and experiences are commonly given as reasons why people get active and stay active.

The more people are connected with others and have shared experiences, the more likely they are to maintain their new habit.

Did you know? Generally, people are attracted to those who have similar attitudes –‘people like me’. This is called similarity attractiveness.

Tips to help people connect with each other: 

  1. Plan time for people to talk. Provide a ‘chat topic’ to help people get started
  2. Encourage your group to talk to you and each other about their motivations for taking part.
  3. Let people choose their own partners when doing group work.
  4. Encourage partnering with new people sometimes and move participants out of their comfort zones
  5. Listen with the intent to understand, not just so you can reply.
  6. Encourage people to continue the conversation online and outside your session.


Social media is a mainstream tool for connecting with people in and around your session. Using it is a behaviour in itself that you could use to your advantage to support people to become more active.


Behaviour Change Tactics

This resource is part of a series aimed at providing you with strategies to encourage people to develop healthier habits and maintain an active lifestyle.

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