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Behaviour Change: Providing Meaningful Feedback

Some quick tips on using feedback as a strategy to change behaviour

Meaningful feedback allows people to have a sense of progress related to their goals and motivations. 

It is a two-way process between you and the people attending your sessions. Feedback doesn’t have to be a lengthy process, and should be used to encourage people to monitor and notice changes in their own behaviours. 

It is important to provide feedback regularly, highlighting small, medium and large progress steps.

Consider how you frame feedback positively:

  • What do you feel went well?

  • What would you do differently next time? 

  • Highlight the positive behaviours

Top Tips: 

  1. Ask how, when and where your participants prefer feedback.
  2. Agree a regular process linked to goals and motivations. 
  3. Ban meaningless feedback like ‘good work’, ‘That is great’ and ‘Awesome’. Be clear about what is specifically good, great and awesome. 
  4. Focus on a few key points and don’t overwhelm people with too much detail. 
  5. In your feedback, remind people of the benefits of taking part.

Behaviour Change Tactics

This resource is part of a series aimed at providing you with strategies to encourage people to develop healthier habits and maintain an active lifestyle.

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