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Supporting Specific Needs

Communicating with Visually Impaired Participants

Seven practical tips that every coach who has a visually impaired person in their session should know

When coaching people with visual impairments, remember the following:

  1. Use  the person’s name to gain attention.
  2. Use  clear, accurate verbal instructions and check for understanding.
  3. Make sure the participant knows when you have finished and are moving away from them.
  4. Make sure the area in which you are working is kept free of obstacles and clutter.
  5. Supply any written information, if necessary, in a suitable format such as audio recording, large print or Braille copy.
  6. Agree a method of communication (specific words or gestures) that works for you and the person with the visual impairment, and review it as necessary.
  7. If leading a person who is blind or partially sighted, ask their advice. Most visually impaired people prefer to be led  by holding the guide’s elbow while walking half a step behind; this gives information about direction and slope. 

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