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Finding a Rig That Suits Your Work

As people have become increasingly keen to harness the power of their body weight, rigs have grown in popularity. EXF’s Matt Leadbitter shares four ideas to help personal trainers choose the right rig with Action PR’s Ellen Rowles

Up until quite recently, rigs often looked very similar to one another. But as people have started using rigs in greater numbers, a greater variety has become available. So what should trainers look for in an effective rig?

Mass-produced and basic, rigs of the past often failed to capture members’ attention and interest. As a result, they could often be overlooked, despite occupying a massive piece of real estate on the gym floor.

However, a functional rig is one of the most adaptable pieces of equipment in a gym, and these days, people are getting much more creative.

One supplier that is paving the way is EXF, a bespoke equipment manufacturer. Their rigs are not only high performing, they are also creative and aesthetically pleasing.

I decided to meet with EXF’s Matt Leadbitter to find out more.

Choosing the right rig

Matt offered some top tips to help you decide which rig is best – starting with where you want it to take you.

  1. Start with the end in mind. Think about how many people you would like to use it at one time and what activities they need to be able to do simultaneously. Ensure it can be easily adapted for each user group. Small group functional training sessions, suspension training classes, PT sessions and casual use will all see your rig being used in different ways.
  2. Be creative. A functional rig is one of the most adaptable pieces of equipment, limited only by imagination, which is why it’s so important to stay focused on user experience over kit selection. EXF have fitted rigs to everything from existing ceiling beams to internal walls. Don’t settle for a regular, mass-produced rig if you’re not convinced it will make optimum use of space.
  3. Keep on top of the latest trends. At the moment, we’re seeing a huge trend towards boxing and the need to incorporate features which allow for this style of training into rigs. One of the most important considerations when looking to install accessories like large punch bags, is how it fits into the space. There’s also a huge demand for fitting and designing functional training rigs into a group exercise class setting.
  4. Make sure the rig fits the setting. With the rig often the centre piece, how it looks is as important as how it performs. Always consider incorporating storage solutions for loose items to help keep your gym floor and rig space tidy. 

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