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How to Get the Most out of Mentoring

Jon Woodward, UK Coaching Tutor, long-time mentor and coach educator, offers key pointers on becoming a coach’s ideal mentor and advice for the mentee

A mentor who shares their knowledge and expertise, readily offers guidance and helps you build your repertoire of skills is invaluable.

Advice for mentors:

  • Be ready to question, listen, provide constructive feedback and empathise with the coach.
  • Be willing to invest your time and support.
  • Find someone who can relate to you.
  • Offer advice and guidance without being too close to the situation.
  • Don’t force your own views as the solution: be open-minded and willing to embrace new points of view.
  • Realise where you can help others improve and develop.
  • Recognise that it is supporting your own development as a coach and a coach educator.
  • Understand that is not a one-way relationship but should be, in my opinion, a case of: ‘How can we support each other in our journey?’.

Advice for mentees:

  • You choose the mentor!
  • Consider both types of mentoring: formally asking for someone’s support; and informal chats to exchange ideas and light a spark.
  • Be open to new and unfamiliar ideas.
  • Don’t feel as if you don't need a mentor in your sport. An outsider’s perspective is always useful.

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