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How to Launch a Good Podcast

Ben Coomber's top-rated Health and Fitness podcast is a great success story. Ben, a fitness and nutrition professional, shares seven key recommendations for creating a high-quality fitness podcast

Ben Coomber, a fitness and nutrition professional, owns the UK’s top-rated Health and Fitness podcast, which also makes the top 10 worldwide. Interestingly, the secrets to his success are not as tech-focused as you might think.

Your Twitter feed's running hot, you’re getting Instagram likes all over the place and you've just had your tenth client find you on LinkedIn. What more has digital marketing got that you can use?

The truth is that it’s an endless pit, from smaller social media sites to deeper dives into established techniques such as boosted posts on Facebook.

Often overlooked though are podcasts, which provide the perfect opportunity to engage with a huge audience. 

Podcasts are a way to:

  • connect with the world
  • share your latest work
  • put your voice out into the landscape.

Success, however, is far from guaranteed.

What can I do to increase the impact of my podcast?

Commit to your style, bring the energy and be true to yourself! There is nothing worse than listening to someone who isn’t being 100% authentic


What do your audience want: a podcast on fitness, mindset, business, or on coaching people? They need to know what they’ll get out of the podcast and what they’re going to learn. If you jump from one topic to the next with no coherent theme, it’s going to get confusing for listeners.


There is no excuse for poor sound. Get a good microphone and if you’re not with the guest in person, get them to record themselves and splice both audio files together for better quality. 

Keep your use of music, jingles or sound effects minimal. As soon as music or an effect starts to lose its impact, cut it. 

Treat them like videos on social media: 

  • short
  • energetic
  • to the point.

Make episode titles short and snappy, as providers only show a short part of the title. 

For example: “#339 – Bacon & Beer, is it harming us?”

Let the show description do the rest.

We all know the power of collaborations in marketing, so shoot for the biggest guests you can! Ideally, they’ll be respected names with an established following.

Crucially, it’s also important to be prepared. I often spend 5-10 minutes talking to my guests before sculpting the podcast, to ensure I touch on points they are passionate about. I then blend that with what I, and my audience, will want to know.


You might also want to have a conversation in advance about promoting the episode they appear on – and even offer to repay the favour!


A podcast is like a TV show – it needs a regular slot. 

Find one that works for you and commit to it. You owe it to yourself!

Afraid of over-sharing?

Don’t be.

The best thing I’ve ever done for my show is share everything and anything. No one is perfect, we’re all fighting our own demons, and what you share could connect very powerfully with your listeners.

On my show I’ve talked about being in therapy over my relationship with my dad, nearly going bankrupt, my mindset with my health and my weight. 

Raw honesty builds trust. 

The more positive reviews you get, the more likely you are to be successful. They’re a key aspect of attracting new listeners and can encourage providers to recommend your content.

As a result of good reviews, I’ve been featured in the ‘what’s hot’ and ‘trending’ sections of podcast providers several times, which is great for credibility.

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