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Observing and Evaluating the Use of Coaches

Points to consider when evaluating how successful the use of a coach has been against the outcomes of the Primary PE and Sport Premium

There are a number of resources you can use to observe and evaluate the effective use of a coach including our Self Review Tool and our coach observation form.

Our tips for the effective use of a coach are:

Upskill your staff

Is the coach up-skilling your teaching staff to be able to deliver activities without the coach present in future lessons? If not, are you certain your model is sustainable?

Understand the outcomes

Is the coach familiar with your school curriculum, the PE National Curriculum and the Ofsted assessment criteria? If not, do you know what outcomes the coach is working towards?

Specific knowledge

Does the coach have sufficient sport-specific and/or Multi-skills knowledge to be able to develop your staff’s confidence and skills in PE and school sport delivery? If not, do you have an appropriately qualified and skilled coach?

Access opportunities

Is your coach allowing the school to provide opportunities for children that would not have existed otherwise? If not, you may wish to consider broadening the range of activities your school offers.

Enhance links

Is your coach helping to provide additional sporting opportunities for children by enhancing club-school links? If not, you may wish to consider a coach who is involved in the satellite club programme.

Fundamentals of movement

Is the coach helping to deliver fundamental movement skills in PE lessons? If not, your coach may not be experienced in working with children in a school environment and may not be delivering sessions appropriate to Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils.

Get active

Does your coach help to keep children active for the majority of a lesson or session? If not, your coach may not be used to working with larger numbers of children.

Communication is key

Is your coach able to communicate appropriately and effectively with children? If not, this coach may not be experienced in working with children and young people.

Coaching in Primary Schools Toolkit

This resource is part of a series aimed at primary schools in the UK developed by a range of national organisations.

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