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Self-care and development

Questions to Develop Your Commitment to Reflective Practice

Part of a series developed in partnership with Professor Brendan Cropley, this resource explores the attitudes necessary for meaningful reflective practice, derived from Brendan's experiences as a coach, coach developer and educator working with individual coaches and governing bodies

Many people believe that by selecting a model/framework of reflective practice and then spending some time considering their experiences by answering the questions within the model/framework, that they are fulfilling the ‘professional duty’ of continual development through reflective practice.

But becoming skilled at reflective practice requires more than just working through a range of techniques. Coaches must develop an all-round attitude to their personal and professional development through the integration of reflection into the centre of their coaching philosophy and practice. It’s essential to understand the 'why' and the benefits of reflective practice.

Before a person can develop as a reflective practitioner, three personal attitudes are necessary (adapted from founding philosopher of reflective thinking John Dewey’s work): 

  1. Open-mindedness: a willingness to listen and accept alternative beliefs, attitudes, and approaches to coaching that may contrast with what we think is ‘right’. It requires a will to question those things that you take for granted.
  2. Commitment: being thoroughly interested in your sport and coaching. This means being committed to improving as a coach and as a person.
  3. Accountability: considering and accepting the consequences of your actions to enhance the alignment between your beliefs and actions. This means understanding the part that you play in the environment, session and participant outcomes. 

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