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Revealed: The Secrets to Keeping Parents Happy

In the second part of the series on the coach-parent-child triad, Gordon MacLelland delivers his five-step checklist for creating a healthy environment in which players and parents can flourish

The secret to building a successful relationship with parents is, in a nutshell, to get them more actively and positively engaged.

Working With Parents in Sport founder Gordon MacLelland shared his blueprint for keeping parents on side at the 2019 UK Coaching Conference.

We have to understand that parents are handing over their children into our care,” says Gordon. “And for a lot of people they are handing over the most precious things in their lives and they want some reassurance that their child is going to be okay and that they will enjoy their experience of playing sport and engaging in physical activity.”

With trust comes great responsibility, but by following these five parent-centred steps, coaches can be confident of keeping both players and parents in a happy, relaxed and more productive frame of mind.

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