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Strategies for Ensuring Your Mentoring Experience is Worthwhile

Charlotte Potterton highlights key strategies to use to facilitate mentoring experiences that have a substantial positive impact on your development and self-awareness, based on the keynote given by Head Coach of England girls’ U18 hockey team Sarah Kelleher and her mentor, coach developer John Fletcher

At the 2019 UK Coaching Conference, Sarah Kelleher and John Fletcher gave a keynote on creating an environment that enables people to thrive. During their conversation, they discussed the widespread benefits of mentoring. Sarah, who has received mentoring throughout her coaching career, recommended diving in to get the most out of the experience.

Research into the benefits of being mentored waxes lyrical on the positive results. To name just two, one study found that formalised mentoring programmes can be the catalyst for the development of supportive communities of learning while another connects mentoring to the development of life skills in young people.

However, the prospect of receiving mentoring can be a daunting one. It can be a vulnerable experience, and it’s natural to consider some possible aspects – such as being observed while coaching and discussing less successful decisions – to be even worse. 

This can be mitigated, simply put, by trust. Once you can trust your mentor to be truthful about your abilities, supportive and confident that they can help you on your coaching journey, it will be much easier to enjoy the process.

How can I build trust?

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