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Things to Consider if You Have (or Suspect You Have) ADHD

Register / Login to Access. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD or recognise a lot of the characteristics of ADHD in yourself, these tips, developed with Chartered Sports Psychologist Josie Perry, may be able to help you consider how to support yourself and coach more effectively

Take a moment to reflect on what techniques you already use to keep yourself on track. Can you stretch any of these techniques into other areas of your life too?

Coin theory

Try to incorporate regular breaks into your coaching day so you can get the stimulation you need to maintain focus throughout your sessions and the day.

A good way to think about it can be using coin theory.

Think of coins as little virtual modules of energy, effort, and attention.

If you wake up well-rested and healthy, you will have 100 coins to spend that day.

The way you allocate your coins will change each day depending on your schedule and the people you connect and interact with.

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