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The Benefits of an Accessible Facility: Supporting People With a Visual Impairment

Learn about how an accessible facility can benefit people with a visual impairment, as well as your facility


It's simple stuff, it's not complicated, but it does make a big difference"

Visually impaired user

The benefits of having a more accessible facility can be experienced by all. People with a visual impairment can also benefit from:

  • increased confidence
  • a sense of achievement
  • better physical and mental well-being
  • feeling more connected with communities.

By being as inclusive as possible, you can also enjoy the benefits of increasing footfall into the venue, as well as improving staff skills, awareness and confidence.


Watch the video below to hear from facility staff and people with a visual impairment and the benefits they have experienced.

Purple Pound

Accessibility matters because it opens up shops, businesses and sport and leisure facilities to more people and makes the customer experience inclusive to everyone. But it also makes business sense! The purple pound (the spending power of disabled people of which there are around 10.1M in the UK) and their families is worth a staggering £274 billion. The more accessible your facility is for people with a visual impairment, the more likely they may be to choose to spend their purple pound on a positive experience with you.

The infographic below, from Purple, helps to explain how it works. You can find out more on Purple's website.

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