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Max Whitlock Virtual Q&A Experience

Using insight from his own lived experience of coping with a crisis of identity, triple Olympic champion Max Whitlock OBE answers YOUR questions on mental health in this interactive audience experience. A unique opportunity to chat and chill with a champion and ask pressing questions about a key pillar of duty to care: Mental Health and Well-being

Max Whitlock is the most decorated British gymnast in history. He is blessed with superhuman athleticism and superhuman powers of mental resilience that give him the ability to manage his stress and gain a competitive advantage in the heat of the championship arena.

But following a period of mental distress during an 18-month break from the sport, Max showed the world that he is human too, and as vulnerable as anyone else to experiencing poor mental health.

Max has been candid about his struggles, speaking publicly about the deterioration in his mental health – which he traces back to his private decision to retire from gymnastics. 

Competing had become my identity. Nothing could replace what I had… I felt like a waste of space. I was embarrassed.”

He performed a one-eighty over thoughts of retirement and now says he feels fully refreshed after "a complete reset".

Chat to a legend in your own home

From his lived experience of conquering his demons, Max has a lot of wisdom and lessons learned to impart.

Our virtual question and answer experience allows you to engage one-to-one with Max, who is here to help people who are on the brink of a similar crisis of identity and pass on advice to coaches on how they can best support their athletes’ mental health needs.

You might instead want to ask Max about what goals he still hopes to achieve, or what his plans are when he does eventually retire.

Using the latest in conversational technology, our personalised audience experience features the authentic voice of Max – in the hot seat and ready to take your questions on a variety of topics, including:

  • his experience of living with poor mental health
  • how he manages his mental health day to day
  • what support he has received from peers and coaches
  • how important mental health support is for athletes, both during and after their careers
  • advice to young athletes who may be struggling with their mental health
  • the positive impact of openly talking about your mental health challenges.

Our interactive video experience lets you assume the role of interviewer and have a personal conversation with an Olympic legend through conversational technology.

Max is a mine of information. So, start digging. 

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Learn about the importance of Duty to Care and earn our free Digital Badge by demonstrating your knowledge of the six pillars of Duty to Care (Diversity, Inclusion, Physical Well-being, Mental Health and Well-being, Safeguarding, Safe to Practice).

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